Grenoble Optimization Days 2018

Grenoble Optimization Days is a serie of small-size iternational workshops co-organized by DAO. The broad topic of the 2018 session is “optimization methods and applications in statistical learning”, and its goal is to foster exchanges between scientific communities working on high-dimensional data, and to report and discuss recent advances in optimization algorithms for machine learning and optimal transport. This session also celebrates the axe Grenoble-Moscow, and is co-organized with Alexander Gasnikov (MIPT, Moscou). The workshop will gather researchers, PhD students, and master students on mathematical optimization and statistical learning from Grenoble and russian partners from MIPT and HSE in Moscow. The targeted audience for the presentations are the researchers on optimization and learning as well as the PhD students of the Grenoble campus and the master students from the MSIAM Master track “Data Science”.

Details on the website:

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