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Past Members


PhD Candidates

  • 2017- Dmitry Grishchenko (DAO). Supervision: F. Iutzeler J. Malick
    with M.-R. Amini (LIG)
  • 2015- Brice Olivier (LJK, MISTIS).  Supervision: M. Clausel
    with J.B. Durand (LJK, MISTIS) and A. Guérin (Gipsa-lab)
  • 2015- Valentin Reis (LIG). Supervision: J. Lelong
    with D. Trystram (LIG)
  • 2015- Florent Bouchard (Gipsa-lab). Supervision: J. Malick
    with M. Congedo (Gispa-lab)
  • 2015- Alexandre Derville (LJK, FIGAL). Supervision: M. Clausel
    with J.F. Coeurjolly (LJK, FIGAL), industrial co-tutoring (CIFRE)
  • 2014- Hesam Alian (LIG,AMA). Supervision: M. Clausel
    with E. Gaussier and M.R. Amini (LIG,AMA)
  • 2014- Dmitri Ostrovski (DAO). Supervision: A. Iouditski
    with L. Desbat (TIMC)
  • 2013- Kevin Polisano (LJK, CVGI). Supervision: M. Clausel
    with V. Perrier (LJK, CVGI) et Laurent Condat (Gipsa-lab)
  • 2013- Younes Farouj (CREATIS). Supervision: M. Clausel
    with P. Delachartre (CREATIS) and L. Navarro (Mines de St Etienne)
  • 2014-2017 Bikash Joshi (LIG, AMA). Supervision: F. Iutzeler
    with M.-R. Amini (LIG)
  • 2013-2016. Anastassios Kritoglou (DAO). Supervision: J. Lelong
    with S. Labbé (LJK, EDP)
  • 2012-2016 Federico Pierucci (DAO). Supervision: J. Malick

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